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Today's marketplace is crowded.  Tens of thousands of marketers are screaming for the consumer's attention.  And consumers are tuning out, skipping over, and otherwise ignoring marketing communications like never before.  Add to this a troubled economy, a new-found expectation of accountability, emerging technologies, and new marketing channels and your marketing communications plan starts to look like a giant, unsolvable puzzle.


Should you invest in traditional media with a large reach but little ability to track your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)?


Should you pursue new technologies that offer a trackable ROMI but limited reach?


What about Social Media? 


Is Print Advertising really dead?


To put all this in perspective and help you make sense of the marketing landscape of the 21st century, you need someone that understands how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  Someone experienced in traditional media and new media channels.  And someone who understands when to employ each channel to achieve maximum results.


Someone like me.


This site was developed to give you an idea of what I've done, what I can do, and to provide information on some of the channels that challenge many marketers.  Take a look around.  Then give me a call and let's talk about what I can do for your organization.


 Steve Hartley