Internet Advertising

Once your site has been developed and optimized, then you are ready to promote it. Internet Advertising is a means to drive traffic to your site. Most often, Internet Advertising involves Pay-Per-Click advertising. Pay-Per-Click ads (PPC) are those three line ads one sees on the search engine results page. Typically, PPC ads are found down the right side of the page.  These ads are called Pay-Per-Click because the advertiser is charged for the ads only when someone clicks on them. When a potential customer clicks on a PPC ad, they are taken to a new web page.


In addition to PPC ads on search engines, there are also contextual ads. Contextual ads scan the content on the web page and when that content appears to match the content of the advertisement, it inserts the ad onto the web page. These types of ads must be very tightly monitored and controlled to ensure they do not appear with inappropriate or ill-timed content.











This is a good example of a contextual ad that's reading the content on the web page properly, and still manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.